Hot Appetizers

Falafel Plate

4 crispy deep-fried croquettes of ground chickpea, fava Beans and spicy herbs served with salad and tahini sauce.

Grilled Chicken Wings (Jawaneh)

Charcoal-grilled marinated chicken wings served with garlic sauce.

Hummus Shawarma

Hummus topped with chicken or meat shawarma.

Kibbeh Plate (3-Piece)

Shell of lamb fillet and cracked wheat, stuffed with spicy minced lamb and onion served deep-fried.

Spicy Potato (Batata Harra)

Cubed potatoes sautéed in garlic, coriander and chili.

Fried Cauliflower

Lightly fried cauliflower served with Tahini sauce and chopped parsley.