Cold Appetizer 

Hummus (v) $5.45 
Fresh slow cooked chickpeas. Blended with sesame paste (Tahini), garlic & lemon juice 

Stuffed Grape Leaves (warak inab) (v) $6.25 
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, parsley, mint 
And onion, cooked in lemon olive oil served cold or hot 

Lentil & Rice (Moujaddarah) (v) $5.45 
Mixtures of lentil & rice cooked in olive oil, spices, 
Topped with fried onions served cold or hot 

Smoked Eggplant (Moutabal) (v) $5.45 
Charcoal smoked eggplant, blended with sesame paste (Tahini), garlic, and lemon juice 

Eggplant El Rahib (v) $5.45 
Charcoal grilled eggplant with fresh parsley, onion, tomato, fresh mint and lemon garlic dressing 

Mix Pickles (Kabis) (v) $4.95 
Assortment of homemade pickled cucumbers, turnip, pepper & olive 

Cream of Yoghurt (labneh) (v) $5.45 
Homemade strained yoghurt, serve with mint and virgin olive oil 

Musakaa (v) $5.45 
Stew of tomato, green pepper, onion, chickpeas, garlic, and spices in homemade tomato sauce. Served cold or hot 

Green Beans (v) $5.45 
Stew of green beans, onion, and garlic in homemade tomato sauce. Served cold or hot 


Spicy Lebanese Salad (v) $5.25 
Mixture of Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley mint and green chili tossed in lemon dressing 

Tabboulieh (v) $5.45 
Traditional Lebanese salad of chopped parsley, diced tomato, onion, mint and crush wheat in fresh lemon Juice and olive oil 

Fattoush (v) $5.25 
Mixture of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, mint, sumac spices, and crispy toasted pitta bread in lemon olive oil dressing 

Large Feta Cheese Salad (v) $7.50 
Mixtures of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish, black olive and dry thyme olive oil lemon dressing. 

Add Chicken or Meat Shawarma on the salad $3.50 

​Chicken, lemon rice                         $3.95

Lentil Soup                                      $3.95

Hot Appetizer 

Falafel Plate (v) $5.45 

4 crispy deep-fried croquettes of ground chickpea, fava Beans and spicy herbs served with salad and tahini sauce 

Spicy Armenian Sausage (Soujok) $6.95 
Homemade hot spicy beef sausages pan Sautéed 
with tomatoes in lemon olive oil 

Grilled Chicken Wings (Jawaneh) $6.25 
Charcoal grilled marinated chicken wings served with garlic Sauce 

Hummus Shawarma $8.95 
Hummus topped with chicken or meat Shawarma 

Kibbeh Plate (3 piece) $6.45 
Shell of lamb fillet and cracked wheat, stuffed with spicy minced lamb and onion served deep-fried 

Foul Moudamas (v) $5.45 
Boiled chickpea & broad beans cooked in garlic and lemon juice served with virgin olive oil and chopped parsley 

Spicy potato (Batata Harra) (v) $5.45 
Cubed potatoes sautéed in garlic, cilantro and chili. 

Fried Cauliflower (v) $5.45 
Lightly fried cauliflower served with Tahini sauce and chopped parsley 

Bakery & Pastry 

Spinach Pies (Fatayer) (v) $5.25 
3 triangular pastries stuffed with spinach, red onion, Sumac baked in olive oi 

Meat Sambousek $5.25 
3 deep fried rissoles filled with minced lamb/beef, onion and spices 

Meat Pie (Lahem bi Ajeen) $4.75 
Lebanese style pizza topped with a mixture of minced lamb/beef, onion, diced tomato and spices, oven baked 

Manakish Zaatar (v) $3.50 
Lebanese style pizza topped with wild dry oregano, toasted sesame seeds, sumac and olive oil 

Manakish Cheese (v) $3.95 
Lebanese pizza topped with feta and mozzarella cheese 

Manakish Cheese and Zaatar $3.95 
Lebanese pizza topped with feta, mozzarella and wild oregano 

Manakish cheese & sausage $6.95 
Lebanese pizza with feta, mozzarella and spicy Armenian sausage 

All of our menu items are prepared in an open kitchen. Despite taking precautions, we cannot guarantee that our items are free from trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, fish, sesame seeds, sulphites, or any other allergens. Before placing your order, please inform your sever if you or a person in your party has a food allergy. 


**Lamb kebab (Lahem Mishwi) $15.95 
Charcoal grilled tender cubes of specially prepared lamb 

**Beef Kebab $16.95 
Charcoal grilled tender cubes of prime beef 

Chicken Kebab (shish Tawouk) $13.95 
Marinated chicken cubes charcoal grilled served with garlic Sauce 

Minced Lamb/Beef Kebab (kafta) $12.95 
Charcoal grilled skewers of seasoned minced lamb/beef with onion, and parsley 

Kafta Kish Kash $13.95 
Charcoal grilled skewers of seasoned minced lamb with onion, and parsley in a tomato and hot chili sauce 

Minced Chicken kebab (Kafta djaj) $12.95 
Charcoal grilled skewers of seasoned minced chicken with onion and parsley 

Mixed Grill (Mishwi Mshakal) $16.95 

Combination of charcoal grilled meats. 1 kafta, 1 chicken 
and 1 lamb kebab 

Lamb Shank $13.95 
Slowly oven roasted lamb shank topped with a sauce of fresh cilantro, onions & tomatoes 

**Shrimp Kebab $15.95 
Charcoal grilled skewers of marinated jumbo shrimp 

**Salmon Kebab $16.95 
Charcoal grilled skewers of marinated salmon kebab 

Shawarma Beef/Lamb or Chicken $13.95 
Roasted thin slice of marinated beef/lamb or chicken served With Tahini sauce or garlic sauce 

Grilled Chicken (Farouge Meshwi) $13.95 
Charcoal grilled half boneless marinated chicken, served with garlic sauce 

Veggie Plate Choice of 4 (v) $10.95 


**Mixed Grill Family Platter $63.95 
4 lamb skewers, 4 chicken skewers &4 kafta skewers served with rice, grilled onions, tomato Hummus and Fattoush 

All entrées served with basmati rice and grilled Veg excluding veggie plate 

Special of the day 

Daily chef special 

Kids Meal 


Cheese pizza with juice 

Chicken nuggets with FF & juice 

Hamburger with FF& juice 

Spaghetti with marinara sauce & juice 

 Hot Sandwiches 

Grilled Lamb Sandwich $6.95 
Pita wrap with grilled lamb kebab, hummus, tomato, onion and pickle 

Grilled Chicken Kebab Sandwich $6.45 
Pita wrap with grilled marinated chicken kebab, garlic sauce and pickle 

Grilled Kafta Sandwich $6.45 
Pita wrap with spicy lamb/beef kafta, hummus, onion, tomato, and pickle 

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich $5.95 
Pita wrap with grilled chicken shawarma, pickle and garlic sauce 

Meat Shawarma Sandwich $6.95 
Pita wrap with lamb/beef shawarma, tomato, pickle, onion, Parsley and Tahini sauce 

Spicy Armenian Sausage Sandwich $7.25 
Pita wrap with sautéed Armenian sausage tomato, pickle and garlic sauce 

Falafel Sandwich (v) $5.45 
Pita wrap with deep fried falafel, lettuce, pickle and Tahini Sauce 

Cauliflower Sandwich (v) $5.45 
Pita wrap with lightly fried cauliflower, tomato pickle and Tahini sauce 

Side orders 

Saffron basmati rice $1.95 

French fries $1.95 

Extra garlic or Tahini sauce $1.25 

Grilled mix vegetables $3.00 

Beverage & soft drinks 

Bottle of: Coca Cola, Sprit, Diet Coke, Diet sprite, Dr Pepper, Fanta. $1.95 

Sparkling water $2.25 

Bottled water $1.95 

Ice tea, hot tea $1.95 

Coffee $1.95 


Assortment of cakes and Baklava available On Display 

**Menu items may contain raw or undercooked ingredients or may be ordered under cooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meat. Poultry, Seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food illness 

Parties of 10 or more no separate checks and an automatic gratuity of 18% will be added to the total check for parties 6 & more